Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Racist Man Who killed His Wife and Daughter but Spared Youngest Child

 Racist Man kills wife and daughter but spared youngest child because she was ‘pure Aryan A father butchered his partner and their eight-year-old daughter in a cannabis-induced psychotic frenzy, a court heard yesterday.
John Miller, 38, spared their other daughter, aged four, because she was a ‘true Aryan with blonde hair and blue eyes’.
The family had a ‘last meal’ together at home and watched Coronation Street before Miller – a drug abuser who had smoked skunk cannabis for years – erupted in violence as teacher Sarah Laycock, 31, was putting the girls to bed.
He said he heard voices in his head and was told by ‘electrical signals’ to kill his family members, Leeds Crown Court was told.
Miss Laycock was thrown downstairs and killed by Miller in the kitchen. She was stabbed 19 times – once through her eye – with a knife before being hit four times in the face with an axe.
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