Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Story: My Hubby is Wanted in The US, What Should I Do?

I’ve been married to this man for just three years. We have a two year old child together. I just found out six days ago that he’s wanted in the US, along with three other people for fraud and email scam. He actually escaped from the country six years ago and has been hiding in Nigeria. He completely lied to me about what he does for a living and lied about everything in his past.
He’s an American citizen who can’t take his family to the US on holiday. His excuses of not wanting us to visit the US was what led me to investigate him and that’s when I found out his little secret. Or should I say big secrets. So what should I do now? I don’t want to be married to an ex-convict and a liar. He lies about everything, even his name. I think my married name was made up. I’m no longer sure the people he parades as his family are really his family. I’m not sure about anything anymore and I’m now scared of him. Please what should I do? I’m scared shitless.

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